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February 20th, 2012

12:44 am
Just got done watching Bunraku.
Loved it.
It's a generic revenge action movie story line, with slightly above average dialogue and the usual modern-day mish-mash of fighting styles (brawler, samurai, capoeira, etc.). The goodness mostly came from the direction, art, and visual devices employed. Lots of papercut and CGI that looked like papercut comprising the cutscenes and folded into the storyline.
(Hah, see what I did there? folded? HAH! I kill me.)

I do love me a good action movie now and then as a guilty pleasure but they rarely stick with me as they're just fleeting pleasures.
This one though, I may come back to...

(Also served to remind me how painfully out of shape I am. I think I'm going to tackle that in a serious manner.)
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January 23rd, 2012

01:32 pm - O' Death
Another song post, been saving this set of links up for about a year now...

O' Death. Author unknown, traditional Appalachian dirge.

Repopularized by the incomparable Ralph Stanley on the soundtrack of "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" (won a Grammy '06), and then more recently on the TV show Supernatural (which has Death as a character), sung by Jen Titus.
I knew the song, but it was forcefully re-entered into my lexicon by Molly Zenobia when two other upright bassists and I accompanied her singing it. One of the more powerful musical moments of my life/career.
Wikipedia entry with lyrics.

Mentioned above:
Ralph Stanley, live version, wonderful.
The scene from Oh Brother Ralph singing (Lynching scene, fyi.)
Jen Titus, video is the scene in Supernatural. Base for most present time pop-culture knowledge of it. Stunning version, well deserved fame for it.
Clean version of Jen T., no dialogue and street sounds.
Molly Zenobia, Yours Truly, Tony Leva, and Mike Leggio at Lizard Lounge. (direct mp3 link)

Traditional takes
Bessie Jones, solo vocals.
Dock Boggs, banjo and vocals, recorded in '63.
Charley Patton & Bertha Lee, 1934! Scratchy transfer off a 45rpm, WELL worth a listen. (I may audio-grab and try to clean this up...)
Random woman doing a really good acapella version.
Gregory Paul doing a clawhammer banjo arrangement. Non-dirge.
Tim Eriksen, solo fiddle and vocals. Awesome.
Tim E. with Tony Trischka, two stunning musicians. (Fiddle, banjo respectively.)
Luke and Kyle Abbot, guitar, tuvan throat singing. Spine tingling moments, wish recording quality were better.
Bellyache Ben and his Steamgrass Boys. Tasty "steamgrass" (I guess) rendition.
Rising Appalachia, beautiful harmonies, 2 voices with upright bass and faint drums.

Drums + instruments + vocals
Samm Bennett, drone + percussion and vocals, very nicely done.
Lauren O'Connell,more modern Americana take. Multi-track solo, well done.
Kaleidoscope, 1967. American psychedelic folk band from the 60's.
Camper Van Beethoven, solid version.
Pearl and the Beard, quite a different take on it.
Barrelhouse, 60-70's blues style, recorded 2010. Pretty excellent.
Obligatory metal version

Alan Lomax, samples from Bessie Jones ('59) with bass and hammond organ. Traditional feeling remix.
Jen Titus, dubstepped. Quite good, try it out even if you hate dubstep. (Soundcloud version.)
Jen Titus, chill. Quite good as well, sounds almost like ethereal triphop.
Skinny Fists, electronic drone w/multiple voices.
Ralph Stanley dubstepped. Wonder what he'd think? I think meh. (Good idea tho.)
Industrial remix of Jen Titus. Not bad, but rather generic.

Also, youtube playlist for "o death", lots more there, but I think I culled the best ones out.

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January 22nd, 2012

01:29 am
(Alive, read daily, rarely post.)

Awhile back I made a post about a song I was kind of obsessed with. Mad World.
(The post with links to countless cover versions.)

Here we go again... :)

I just stumbled across a live John Cale rendition (with string quartet no less) of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah (original)
Here's a studio version by John Cale as well; no string quartet though.

The interesting part is that most of the covers you've heard of this song are more closely linked to Cale's version from the early 90's, not Cohen's original.

Cohen live
Jeff Buckley, relatively famous rendition.
Rufus Wainwright, made famous by Shrek's soundtrack.
Espen Lind, Askil Holm, Alejandro Fuentes, Kurt Nilsen together. (Quite good)
Imogen Heap, beautiful minimalist take. (Vunderbar, listen!)
trancey electronica/guitar, slow start but good.
Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris (pretty good)
K.D. Lang (not bad)
Bon Jovi (meh)
Some random kid with an accent I can't place, great multi-track solo cover.
Regina Spektor, terrible quality sound, great performance with cello, maybe viola.
KERMIT! Well, someone pretending to be. Pretty convincing. :)
Adele Cosco (operatic, not for me.)
Obligatory terrible metal version

(It's a favorite cover on X-Factor and American Idol type shows, search them if you want 'em.)

Some Remixes:
Progressive house remix of Imogen Heap's take, quite good.
Another remix of Imogen Heap, not bad.
euro-techno take (meh)
Oontzy dance remix (meh)
8-bit take. (meh)
Ouch. (Masochists only)

Now that your ears are bleeding, go listen to Cohen's again. :)
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October 15th, 2011

04:43 pm
Alive, but contemplating hibernation for the winter. Getting out of bed's been hard lately.

A brief list:
- Married for 4 years now to the most awesome person I've ever met. I <3 prosicated
- Kitchen progressing very slowly, just don't have enough time in my life lately. argh.
- Work's busy, but mostly good. Some meta-angst there as usual.
- Honk! rocked
- Crooked Still show last night was awesome, don't see enough live music that I'm not in. Must fix that.
- Actually made a dr. appointment for the first time in, I believe, a decade. Literally. Looking forward to hearing how terrible my body is.
- Spending today doing laundry and dishes and running errands. whee!

Most of my blogging these days seems to be happening over on Google+ if you're interested in following my random escapades. :)
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September 17th, 2011

04:53 pm
Food dehydrator... got one? that I can borrow?
Just picked about 5 gallons of hops, scrambling to figure out how to dry 'em all!

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July 13th, 2011

11:12 am
Who posted recently about scoring an R2D2 that was made out of old vaccuum cleaners and was going to live on their porch?

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July 10th, 2011

02:05 pm
Free stuff at Chez Hyphen:

Beer, mostly Summer beer, by the 6 pack or case.
Empty beer bottles, by the case. (At least 5 available).
"Portable" dishwasher, needs love. It's full size on wheels, attaches to sink. I have adapters.
- Probably just needs a line unblocked.

I'll add more as I find it.
Ping if you need my address!

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June 29th, 2011

04:30 pm
Consider this an official "beg" for a Google+ invite. :)

Edit: all set!

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June 21st, 2011

10:36 am
"Most memorable piece of advice your father ever gave?"

My father. I love him dearly, but he's not a man of words for the most part, and certainly not one for overarching commentary/advice.
He's a very smart man, but lives his life very much in the moment on very practical terms. The majority of his advice is along the lines of "it hurts when I do this..." "Well don't do that!"
It sounds glib, but it informed a lot of the way that I choose to go through life. The simplest answer is usually the best, and you shouldn't get bent out of shape about things you can't change.

This is in direct contrast to my mother, the queen of worrying and angst. The stark contrast between my parents is often amplified by the quiet Mona Lisa-like smile on my father's face in the moments when they're disagreeing. More often than not, such moments will end with my mom laughing at herself, or accusing him of being aloof. I can never tell which it'll be. I don't think he can either despite 38 years of marriage.

I absorbed a lot of my father in the 18 years we lived together, but I can't seem to pull out a single piece of memorable advice.
Just a lot of very practical life lessons, and a calm, strong presence.
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June 12th, 2011

10:15 am
My wife just told me I'm grammatically endowed.
mood: amusedamused

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another LJ. or: how i learned to stop worrying and love this life-thingy

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