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i just realized I've been really lax in updating of late.
so here goes.

girlfriend's apartment has been hacked in a bad way, read about it here. At least it was just through an open and unlocked window instead of a locked door. much easier to deal with.

My parents are getting DSL. Finally. it's being installed tomorrow. naturally I'm moving out of here in about a month at the latest and I've been harassing them to get it for oh... a few years now. *le sigh dramatique*

I have a resume submitted for a helpdesk job at the philly museum of art. that would rock if they want me.
some other guy called me about my resume today, but I wasn't home. we're in the process of playing phone tag.
wish me luck.

the job at the liquor store sucks. as in sucks my will to live. I really have to get out of there soon. I was thinking maybe I'd transfer to one in philly if nothing else works out. NO F-ING WAY. I'd rather skin hampsters for a living. (not entirely true once I think about it, but still.)

the girl and I had a good serious discussion the other day, and I think that I may be a better person for it in the coming months. I'd been bitchy lately without even noticing it.

Oh, other great news, derfy5's trip to germany was a SMASHING success, mega congrats to the derfster!!!!

and yeah.

Trying to find a job.
Trying to stay sane.

Oh! oh oh oh oh!
last thing, I swear. My parents are sending me to a glass blowing class for a graduation present!!! woohoo!
should be crazy cool!


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