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so I mentioned that we are getting DSL at home (in theory).
Hasn't been working yet.
Guy came by today to check it out, says that the cabling guys may be able to do something about it, so he put in a ticket with them.
Here's hoping.
May have DSL by the end of the week. :o)

In other news, this guy had called about my resume. He finally got ahold of me on my cell phone, and turns out he was just full of shit. Some pyramid scheeme type thing about selling insurance, only not calling it that.

haven't heard back about the helpdesk at the art museum, which would be a wicked sweet job.
Keep your fingers crossed for me. *le sigh*

This job market blows.

And now I'm about to go work the cash register.
lookit me go.

*whistles a little song*

ok, fine.
*sighs heavily and gets ready for work*

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