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well the prof from hell finally got off his ass enough to figure out how to change my grade.
He has to present the case for the next faculty meeting, because apparently any grade changes have to be voted on at said meetings. The next such meeting is on October 9th.
Fucking irritated that he hadn't gotten around to it yet, but at least it's finally getting done.

In other news, I had a first round interview for a Help Desk II position at Merck, the pharmaceutical (spelling?) company. Went really well, and I'm theoretically going to have another interview soon. Was supposed to be by today, but, well, don't see that happening. Shot off an e-mail to my contact there to see what's up.

Today's my last day of work at the Lick-er store. yay!
Although I will miss being asked for a pint of Nickolai vodka ($4.13 please) every couple of minutes.

Really hoping that this Merck thing comes through. Would be a decent position and would
enable me to move in with the girl finally. *glee*

Should probably go shoot out some more resumes anyway though. *sigh*
lookit me go...

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