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Ok, so I'm pretty hyped up about this whole moral issue.
A while ago, maybe a year or so, (but I think it was either around x-mas or over the summer) there was an article in the new york times magazine thingy about this woman (I think) who is an atheist. She cited a study which said that a larger percentage of americans would accept a homosexual president than an atheist president.
Scary thought.
So what does this say about modern (post-modern?) american culture? Is it really that religious? And are religious people really that prejiduced(sp) against people who aren't? Aparently they are. about 80% of americans say that they go to church regularly, but only about 30% actually do (I'm pulling these numbers out of my ass, but they're about right.) Most religious people believe that atheists and agnostics must not have morals by virtue of having been brought up without religion. However (and I love this stat...) more than 95% of the inmates of american prisons (federal and state) consider themselves religious. Us atheists are underrepresented in criminal factions! Or else atheists are smarter and less likely to be caught. ;o)
Seriously though, I think this is a problem. Is it media portrayal or is it something that is absorbed in religious meetings. (Fire and brimstone to the non-believers...)
I prefer the good old mythological concepts where the ignorant (those who didn't know of the gods) could attain almost the same levels in the afterlife as the believers if they led good lives. Yeah. Good ole norse folk.

Ok, so I'm rambling. Big frickin deal. My prof is now a half hour late for class, so it looks like I don't have to worry about the fact that I forgot that there was a paper proposal due today. :o)
Anyway, that's about it from me. I think that a half-hour late is about all that I'm going to take from her. She's annoying anyway.

I'm going to go sit my ass in the library for awhile and kill some time before meeting the girl for lunch.
-NOT fred.

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