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really weird dream last night that sort of hit me on my way into work today. I posted a private post about it so that I could remember it. I don't really want anyone psychoanalyzing this one I don't think. It was pretty freakin weird.

I bought some green tea yesterday, "asian gourmet" brand, was hoping that it'd be drinkable. It's not too bad, still very american-ified though. I'm going to have to go into chinatown soon I think. That or steal all of the girl's yummy toasted green tea.

The new job is going pretty well, still doing training but now i get to type as I listen in on calls, the person taking the call just talks and I do the computer work. Later this week I get to do it all and have a coach on the line at the same time. whee.

Back to training.

Oh, and I just ordered DSL for the apartment.

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