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1. Sex: male

2. Age: 22

3. Birthday: April 7th

4. Place of Birth: My parent's house, Elverson PA

5. Siblings: Sister Kiera, 26. (yeah, my parent's liked standard names.)

6. Parents: 2, dad currently out of proper work, doing carpentry. Mom working, a rare occurance.

7. Pets: 1 beta fish, Spike. 3 cats at parent's house, one of which I regard as mine. sort of.

8. Height: between 5'10"

9. Weight: 205ish, trying to go down a bit more. Not really fat, I'm just a solid guy.

10. Hair Colour: brownish

11. Eye Colour: greenish blueish greyish etc.

12. Eye Colour of Choice: I'm cool with that.

13. Writing Hand: right

14. Masturbating Hand: right. I don't get the whole off-handed thing.

15. Current Residence: in transition to west philadelphia

16. Do you bite your nails?: Let me put it this way, I haven't used nail clippers since I was about 9 years old. But you wouldn't know from looking at my nails, I have it down to an art and never bite off too much. Not one of those "downtothecuticles" type biters.

17. Can you roll your tongue?: Yup. in many dimensions. But not upside down, it's one of my personal failings.

18. Can you raise one eyebrow at a time?: yuppers.

19. Can you blow smoke rings?: seeing as I don't really smoke and never have, except for the occasional Clove, I've never had the opportunity to learn. ALthough I want to be a little old man who smokes a pipe, so maybe someday...

20. Can you blow spit bubbles?: who can't? sheesh.

21. Can you cross your eyes?: yar!

22. Tattoos?: not yet. always wanted a bar code when I was little. Nowadays it'd look like I was following the crowd, so I'm too annoyed to get one.

23. Piercings and where?: none anymore. had my foreskin pierced about 2 years ago, took it out after a couple of months as it just wasn't working out too well. I miss it...

24. Do you make your bed daily?: *falls over laughing*

25. What goes on first, bra or underwear?: um... wrong sex. but my boxers go on first.

26. Which shoe goes on first?: which ever I pick up first.

27. Speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at anyone?: not that I can recall. I've had them thrown at me...

28. On the average, how much money do you carry in your purse/wallet?: I try to have about $30, but it's usually more like 15ish.

29. What jewelry do you wear 24/7?: My chainmail bracelet. Usually have two rings on as well, but they often come off when I'm on the computer or playing frisbee. They wiggle when I type and it can be irritating.

30. What's sexiest on a guy?: um. ok. I'll add in a 30.5 question for any males out there. In a guy, I would think that sexiest would be in shape but not muscular or bulky, friendly and honest, and not at all skeazy. fur is right out.

30.5. What's sexiest on a girl?: attitude, sense of humor, carriage... there are definitely some physical traits that matter, but I can't pin them down. Never have been able to. I find self-confidence very sexy, even if it's just a facade. Has to do with the way a woman presents/carries herself.

31. Would you rather be on time and look OK or 10 minutes late and look great?: I could give two shits about how I look 99% of the time. and I like to be on time though I often am not. *le sigh*

32. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?: used to cut, now I twirl since I'm a big boy now.

33. How many cereals in your cabinet?: 3 hot, 2 cold apparently. (thanks prosicated ;o)

34. What utensils do you use to eat pizza?: those weird little forked extensions at the end of my arms... anything metallic is sacreligious to the pizza.

35. Do you cook?: when ever I can.

36. How often do you brush your teeth?: I try to do it once a day. Really I do.

37. How often do you shower/bathe?: pretty much every day, sometimes twice a day, sometimes every two days.

38. How long does your shower last?: either less than 10 minutes or more than 30. depends what kind of rush I'm in. I can easily spend an hour in the shower on any given day.

39. Hair drying method: natural air drying, but you gotta brush it back first so you get the right wave when it's dry. it's an art really.

40. Do you paint your nails?: rarely these days, although it may become more often as I settle into my new job here.

41. Do you swear?: they're just words, I don't see what the big deal is really.

42. Do you ever spit?: only when phleghmy or if there's something else nasty in there. Or watermellon seeds...

43. Do you pee in the shower?: I used to, don't anymore.

44. The CD Player: I'm so thouroughly in transition of living spaces at the moment that I don't even know where 2 out of 3 of my cd players are. Music at the moment has been the radio. ouch.

45. Person you talk most on the phone with: Girl or parents, it's a toss up. My parents have been way too present in my life lately, it's starting to get annoying. But I'm almost out of there...

46. What colour is your bedroom?: which one? parents house is white walls with green a purple doors and edging, painted by yours truly. Girl's apartment is all white with colorful clothes on the floor.

47. Do you use an alarm clock?: yeah, I sleep like the dead whenever possible so my alarm clock is a nuclear bomb.

48. Name one thing you are obsessed with: nothing really. if you'd asked me a year or two ago I would have said DiabloII without hesitating. But I'm over that problem. mostly.

49. Have you ever skinny-dipped with the opposite sex?: isn't that an integral part of growing up in rural america? Actually now that I think about it I can't remember a time that I actually did. hunh. guess I had a stunted childhood.

50. Ever sunbathed nude?: not a big sunbather. that'd be a no.

51. Window seat or aisle?: what kind of question is that? window of course!

52. What's your sleeping position?: on my right side/stomach, one leg bent up with my right arm under my pillow. Can do it on the left side, but since I broke my collar bone snowboarding 8 years ago it's easier for me to lay on my right, just the way it broke.

53. What kind of bed do you like?: firm but not rock solid in a cold room with lots of covers.

54. Even in hot weather do you use a blanket?: a sheet usually, only nothing if it's REALLY hot or nasty humid.

55. Do you snore?, sleepwalk? Or talk in your sleep?: not that I'm aware of, never been told I do.

56. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: my little clover occasionally, but only when I don't have the girl around.

57. How about with the light on?: never. anymore.

58. Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on?: if I'm sleeping alone then yes, I'll watch a movie or play a CD.

59. Took a shower?: this morning

60. Watched Bambi: i've only ever seen in once, when i was in kindergarten

61. Cried?: awhile

62. Talked on the phone?: 20 seconds, I'm at work

63. Read a book?: yesterday I finally finished one I'd been working on for awhile.

64. Punched someone: jokingly? can't be more than a week ago seriously? never.

65. Where do you see yourself in ten years?: I don't. heh.

66. Who are you going to be married to?: if I ever do, I currently hope that it's prosicated but that's way far off in my mind.

67. How many kids?: dunno. definitely not more than 2 if any.

68. Your profession or main occupation: something with computers, preferably networking.

69. Future School: hard knocks. hehe!

70. What kind of house you want to own?: something with good light and an outdoor space. Not suburban if possible. I'd like to live in the country, but I like having things to do at night such as a city does. toughie, I know.

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