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Is having troubles sleeping.
Perhaps I'll pop on AIM and see if anyone else out there is alive at this time of early morning.
had a pretty full evening. Lots going on around campus, but unfortunatly I was too lazy to get off my ass and go to see either of the two really cool things going on.
Woe is the lame ass of me...
I put this comment in someone's journal, but I like it so it's going here too. deal.

Ah, laughter.
Let me preface this with "I'm a college student."
The other day I would just say something really funny or really nice to everyone I saw walking around, like as I passed them, etc.
The quantity of confused looks reafirmed my annoyance with humanity and it's general lack of appreciation for random humor/kindness.
Smile at people and they glare at you.
Yeah east coast.

Humans suck.
Small furry creatures from alpha centuari are REAL small furry creatures from alpha centuri.
And they're not human. Added bonus.

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