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So the past two days I've seen some really whack stuff while driving home from work.

I'm five minutes from home, and all of a sudden there are big funny looking trucks all over the streets.
I get rather confused, and have to try to re-route myself around them all, taking me a good 20 minutes to go less than a mile.
I got home and later found out that they were filming an episode of "hack," aka some TV show.

Wednesday: I'm about at the same place I was the night before, and I pull up to a red light. directly across the intersection there's 4 guys wearing hardhats, reflective vests, with shovels, half-heartedly poking at a something on the ground between them all. it's a small bon-fire. needless to say, it was a rather strange sight. they had the street blocked off so they could have a campfire in the street.

I can't wait to see what i see tonight...

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