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fucking oil heat.

It stopped being heated, so I called the place, told them exactly the symptoms of the heater. they say there's something wrong with the system and send someone out.
Guy comes out and checks out the system. apparently we ran out of oil. 275 gallons in a month? sheesh.
this was all last night. today they deliver oil. landlord goes and starts it up.
still isn't working.
matha facker.
Landlord just called me up, says he's calling the company again to have someone come out and see what the fuck's going on, cause there's oil and the thingy's running, just to no avail.
meanwhile I have the oven cranked up and go over there now and then to defrost my fingers. I'm wearing two pairs of pants, a polarfleece hat, and three shirts including a sweatshirt.

fucking oil heat...

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