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Ya know what I hate?
I was just in the bathroom in my dorm because I fell asleep doing reading for class and forgot to brush my teeth. (yeah, I'm a dork)
so I go into the bathroom and there's this guy in there brushing his teeth.
I think nothing of it.
I brush my teeth, and he's still going. Now you know that you can't stop first because it'll look like you're skimping on your personal hygiene, so you go longer. and longer. and finally after about 2 minutes (full minutes) I gave in and stopped. He kept going. I went and peed, he was still going. I washed my face, still going. This guy is the fuckin energizer bunny of toothbrushing. so I leave the bathroom. I ran into some people I know in the hallway so I stopped to talk to them. Still going in there, I can hear it.
all in all it was like 7 minutes of straight toothbrushing!
Man. Nothing like it to make you feel like your personal hygiene is really crappy and you're a stinky bastard all the time.
Which I am, but still. I don't like to have it rubbed in. :o)
g'night again.

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