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whelp, my xmas is mostly over.
People liked what I got them, which always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
I got the photo printer I really wanted (canon i850), and also the dremel tool that I was desirous of. *grin grin*
and the LOTR BBC version on 13 CDs. whee! good commute listening.

so those are my new toys.

I got a present of some $$$ from my grandparents as a graduation present. I guess they decided now was a good time. My graduation is sort of a nebulous entity at this point.
I'm thinking it may go for a toy fund. specifically a nice 17" flat panel monitor as soon as I can find a good one for cheep enough.
They're under $400 these days, and that's affordable damnit.
and oh so shiny...

time to update me amazon wish list.

work's back to being busy. whee.

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