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today was 1/2/3
hot damn.
also my busiest day ever at work.

I have a lot of time to think these days, but not a lot of time to update.
11 hour days (with commute factored in) and getting home at 7pm don't make for much free time. The little I have I like to spend with the girl.

I lost some fish of late... Spike the betta died. I meant to post an old pic I have of him somewhere... but I couldn't find it. Some neon tetras went with him, but they were a week old and you can't really expect a fish to live too long. psht.
So now I have 1 neon tetra, 1 Cory Catfish, 1 ghost catfish, 1 black neon tetra, 1 scissortail, and 1 dwarf blue gourami. and a plastic stump that looks kind of like an ent.

I meant to bring back my cameras and a bass from parent's house. forgot to of course.
Girl and I bought a DVD/VHS player yesterday. yay. can finally watch dvds on something other than a laptop. but the laptop has a bigger screen than the current TV. add tv to the list of things to bring back from parent's house.

aaaand... yeah.
screw you guys, I'm going home.

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