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Yay for online auctions! I can watch my parents buying things for my birthday next week...
My B-Day Present!
Anyway, I checked out some sites talking about the camera, and the biggest complaint is the short battery life with it. 4 AAs seem to last about 40 pictures.
I think I can handle that for a camera that shoots at 1.3 megapixels, comes with a USB smartcard reader and an 8 MB card. woohoo!
(yes yes, I know what that all means and I know I'm a dork.)
Also has 37mm threaded lens, so I can get nifty thingies to put on. Zooooooms and stuff.
Ok, little obsessed.

In other news...
Thanks for the comments on what to be reading.
So I forgot a few authors in making that list. heh.
I have read Orson Scott Card, Ursela L'Guin, Poul Anderson, Ben Bova (not impressed), Fredrik Pohl, Neil Gaimen, and Kurt Vonnegut(sp?).
Thanks to absolutcalm though for a few that I hadn't heard of, looks like I'll be hitting the bookstore with some of that b-day money soon...
The curtlepine has been trying to get me to read Tad Williams, but she doesn't have the first book in this state, so it's a little difficult.

Yeah. Went to the parents this weekend to relax the curtlepine, and secondly myself. Was nice, the madre cooked us a lovely and HUGE meal (as mothers are apt to do when stricken with empty-nest syndrome...) wich tasted so marevelous... One doesn't get many fresh veggies in a college dining hall.
Time to do some real work.
Can't wait for my new toy!

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