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If you were an element, what element would you be? water. I just flooooow around obstacles. I'm the perfect phlegmatic.

If you were a number, what number would you be? 4. totally square. *evil grin*

If you were a color, what color would you be? green. I've always been green.

If you were an emotion, what emotion would you be? "probably sarcasm, wait, is that even an emotion?" -9mm

If you were a sound, what sound would you be? (insert some kinda Gir quote here)

If you were a body function, what would it be? raspberry. (not quite function, but yeah.)

If you were a song, what song would you be? TOTALLY depends on the day. Some options:
  • Prodigy - fire

  • Rage against the machine - Bulls on Parade or Township Rebellion

  • Enya - something. (rainy days where you sit inside with tea/hot chocolate and a book

  • anything ridiculous by Les Claypool or Primus. like Southbound Pachaderms for instance.

If you were a virtue, what virtue would you be? I'd like to say honesty, but that'd be a lie. heh.

If you were land, what kind of land would you be? solid and old. a bed of granite or something.

If you were water what kind of water would you be? wet. (wtf is that...?)

If you were air, what kind of air would you be? the mischevious merry little breeze

If you were fire, what kind of fire would you be? the dying embers of a campfire by which men measure their worth.

If you were a stone, what stone would you be? Granite. solid, ancient, and not very easily disturbed.

If you were a metal, what metal would you be? copper. flexible, not overly shiny.

If you were a wood, what wood would you be? mahogony. cause I like it.

If you were a sense, what sense would you be? touch or hearing

If you were a temperature, what temperature would you be? I'm always hot, so i have to go with a slightly warm 75F.

If you were a word, what word would you be? sheesh.

If you were a facial expression/gesture, what would it be? DUBIOUS HEPHALUMP!!!

If you were a weather condition, what weather condition would you be? breezy summer day, not too hot, and just enough wind to go kite flying. where you can wear shorts, a t-shirt, and sunglasses and not get hot. with a few clouds floating around the sky, chasing each other.

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