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I suck at updating.

Car window still not fixed. fuckers don't like shipping the right pieces of glass to their repair centers.

Took a ride in the car of the guy who works here who people are afraid to drive with. He was showing off his new Subaru WRX to us.
Holy Fuck is all I can say.
I've never done 0-60 that fast before, nor have I driven in such a small circle at 40mph before. (think 30ft. radius circle. at 40mph. without skidding(much).)
My knees were weak when I got out of the car, and anyone who's driven with me before knows that's a heck of a statement for me to make.

Trying to make my computer quieter, sort of a pet project at the moment. Found a website which has power supplies that put out less than 14 decibles, which is MAD quiet. Considering ordering one after I check my bank account balance.

evil busy day at work. *sigh*
back to calls.

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