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So. Had a nice lovely relaxed birthday at home with just the parents and the girl. *happy sigh*
Got my new digital camera. Woohoo! Can't wait to fiddle with it.
Comes with a USB flashcard reader. Fukin cool. Don't have to waste batteries downloading the pics to the puter. Yay!
And with my CD burner I can archive pics easily so I don't have to worry about the puter crashing and needing to be reformated as it often does. *grumbles at the silly machine*
Actually, it's been a very well behaved machine in the past few months. I beat the f-ing hell out of it over christmas break and it hasn't picked its head back out of its ass yet I suppose.
Spring is apporaching fast. I picked a few dafodils in the middle of the night the other day. 5 to be precise. They live in an arizona green-tea bottle next to my monitor. yay flurs!
Oh! The girl got me a space monkey for my b-day! It's so cool! I have to take a pic of it for you all and post it soon. Yay b-day presents!
Then you can all see how messy my room is in fact. Be scared. Be very scared. I bearly live here. :o)
Anyway, time to get some things done. I'll be here on AIM and ICQ if you're bored. :o)

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