... in a handbasket (inahandbasket) wrote,
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(while I wouldn't ordinarily bite on a gothyou'reit game, i can't resist this)

Oh me, users brains must be musty, with their woeful tales of stupidity incarnate.
where is my dark goth-in-tarnished-armor to take me away from all this? back into the night where I belong?
My unwanted and unasked for task: I am a shedder of light into the dark recesses of unused brains, cleaning up the cobwebs that I would much rather leave in place, illuminating the unworthy.
would that I could crawl back into my own dark recesses and leave them to their own mortality. but it is not in my destiny to do so, I must move on, tormented as i am by the specters of demented users.

prosicated, goth, you're it! :-p
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