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Hello all!
We´ve survived (and thoroughly enjoyed) our four day boat trip exploring the islands. Each day was better than the next! And each was packed full of biodiversity (even some charismatic megafauna) such as: sea lions, frigate birds, marine iguanas, land iguanas, blue footed boobies, lava lizards, darwin´s finches, sharks, tons of fish, galapagos hawks, pink flamingos, galapagos penguins (!), and even a galapagos snake.
We did four dives and lots of walking on island trips and some snorkling. They kept us well fed and we were ready for a hard night´s sleep every night.
Now we´re back in our base of Puerto Ayora on the island of Santa Cruz. We have made a tentative deal with a fisherman to get a ride to the island of Isabela this afternoon - it should be a 2-3 hour ride. The plan is to spend a few days there then come back here and do some more diving before returning to mainland Ecuador.
The boat was really nice, and made nicer by the fact that all 15 passengers were part of the nature conservancy, group so we knew everyone and had a great time.
So far this has been a GREAT trip and the best part is that it´s not over yet!!
More next week,
[sister and boyfriend]

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