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guess who got in an accident on his way to work today?

*raises hand*
Oh! Call on me! ME!

I did!

Ok, so it was a minor fender bender, and didn't even do any damage to my car, other than a little dirty scuff on my front fender.
it goes something like this.

*cue the dark smoky jazz music*

So i'm pullin up to a stop light, mindin my own business, on my way to work for the day.
Out of nowhere (ok, from the right side of me) this car appears in front of me, tryin to take my spot in the left lane. seein as I was already in that spot, our cars were gonna be havin a little altercation. so I slams on my brakes, and spare the cuy a huge dent in his rear driverside door, but can't help the fact that rear side fenders and my front bumper don't get along so well. My car won that fight, his lost.
Guy gets out of his car, lookin pissed at himself (totally his fault, he cut me off), and inspects his poor loser of a bumper. we pull off into a gas station to deal with his car's offended ego.
He calls the cops to file an official report, and get someone to come talk to us. the fuzz rolls up, takes our info, and we're on our way.
to the same office.
Guy works in the same building that I do. the foolish little man.
*music ends*

The guy wouldn't have cared about it, and wouldn't have called the cops, cept that it was his fiance's car, not his, so he has to deal with it. ugh.

did I mention that my car isn't inspected at the moment?
oh shit

Luckily the cop didn't notice my sticker were out of date, and my insurance and registration are all in order, so that was cool, i was just nervous that i was going to get a $150 fine for being un-inspected.
time to get that done me thinks, if these bozos are gonna be hitting me, i'd best be fully legal and all.

anyway. that's over and done with. i hope. I need to contact my insurance company and let them know about it in case his company calls them to bitch for money, we can tell em to fuck off, cause it was TOTALLY his fault.

Fun start to a day.
My car's fine, just a little scuff on the front right fender.
I'm fine, cept for a massive adrenaline rush when he hit me. but I kinda like that feeling.
makes me feel all tingly.
*naughty secretive smile*

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