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Ok, so I promised a most-of-a-year life-describing update for one darius_lee. here we go.

  • May: I got out of Haverford college on May 20th with no prospects, and two credits still to complete. Move to my parents house

  • June: I got my grades, and they included a 0.0 in a course that I had a deans extension for the final project and exam. My dean (aka stupid bitch) had utterly failed to inform the professor of this (despite telling me on three separate occasions that she would do it right that second), so he couldn't just take my word for it and failed me.

  • July-August: Finish my two credits at Villanova over the summer, with a bunch of brain dead jocks. whee.

  • Late August-Mid October: Worked at the Liquor store in Paoli 3/4 time, and searched for a job that doesn't suck.

  • Mid-October: Lick-her store job ended, had good looking interviews for a few jobs, had a great interview with Merck on a tuesday. Thursday I got deathly sick, didn't eat for four days, got the job that friday to start on monday. Went to new job on monday after not having eaten (or walked further than the bathroom) for four days, was a little rough, but survived. (lost 20 pounds)

  • November: was capable of paying rent, moved in to philly with Meg, and Fuckhead Professor and stupid bitch managed to get my my credit for the class I deserved

  • December: worked, x-mas

  • January: worked

  • Febuary: working, waiting to hear from new owners of my contract about whether I'll be released or hired by them. (was up 40 pounds from my low in october, now back down to 30 above that, 10 more to go to be back to level for the above time period.)

  • And that's more or less my life of the past year.
    Questions? Yes, you in the front row.
    Mmm hmm....
    yes, I see.
    The duck raises an excellent point...

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