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Well screw you all too. I dug out my old floppy disks and found my registered version of Castle of the Winds. So there. =P


in the news recently, they've finally found proof that there is a force acting exactly opposite gravity. It gets stronger with distance instead of proximity, and it pushes away instead of pulling towards.
is anyone other than me terribly excited by all this? Aparently it doesn't even merit the front page of a newspaper. in fact, it doesn't merit a spot in any part of the newspaper. Perhaps next week in the back of the NYTimes Science section (only on tuesdays) it might have a little blurb. Probably not. it's only the workings of the universe after all, not very interesting stuff.


It's days like this that I feel like an intelectual. The rest of the time I feel like I'm just jerking-off being at college. I have no right to be here, I dont' appreciate it. my parents left me no choice about whether or not to go to college, just which I'd go to. I don't do anything with the wonderful opportunity that I've been given to learn highly theoretical stuff. i should be shot for taking up this spot in one of america's elite institutions that could have gone to a more deserving student. Then I look around and see the utter morons who cohabitate this campus. first tier liberal arts school... Bah. Would have been another one of those beer-swilling baseball-playing idiots if it weren't me.
*heavy sigh*

all I ever wanted was to be a carpenter

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