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I think that only one of you has met my sister. (oceanic, have you? that'd be two. anyway.)
She lives on Maui, was a Geology major, and is now a park ranger on the extinct volcano that is Maui island. has been out there for 4.5 years now.
She and her boyfriend of about 4 years just got back from a vacation to the galapagos (after a vacation to Jamaica and an earlier one to New Zealand. she has a thing for islands apparently), I'd been posting her e-mails about it if you recall.
well, she proposed to him.

my lil big sister is getting married.
this blows my mind.
she was never really the settling down type as far as I knew. I kept expecting him to propose to her, and wouldn't know what she would say, and then she goes and proposes to him. craziness.
she seems really happy and sure about this, and it's great, cause she wasn't that happy a person for most of her life as far as I could tell. but she's been really happy out in Maui with him, and now it seems like that will continue, so I'm more happy for her than I can tell you. it's just blowing my mind.

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