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2003-03-03 10:48 (link)
I'm sorry dude, but you are out of line. [yeah, I was. heh.]

The privileges in America are set up to benefit you the most out of everybody. Even if you were gay, you would still have your privileges as a white man. As a white man, you are given near total agency. If you are "good-looking" bt standards, exhibit masculine gender attributes -- you are in. Money? Well, you actually have the ability to climb up the economic ladder and achieve the American dream with an ease I could only dream about.

If you wanna get pissed with someone, get pissed at the society that grants you all these privileges -- not with the women and people of color who notice it. Your anger is mis-directed, which leads this person to suspect it isn't so much "bashing" that makes you mad, but being reminded of it.

No one is asking for your guilt either. It's just a fact of white American male existance, with being heterosexual as a caveat towards even higher privilege.

Get mad at the system that made things this way, not the people who are oppressed by it. That only makes sense. (If you are serious about caring about it)
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2003-03-03 11:52 (link)
Know what?
You're absolutely right. I do hate being reminded of it.
I absolutely hate this society for the simple fact that I was thrust into such a "privileged" group. and I do realize that I am a part of this group. I realize it every time some asshole mercedes/bmw driver who happens to be a minority cuts me off in traffic and gives me the finger for no apparent reason. I realize it whenever I walk into a store in my primarily black neighborhood and get nasty stares from everyone there. I realize it almost every single day. and I hate it.
I hate that I have never had a chance to celebrate my heritage. I hate the fact that i constantly have it rubbed in my face that am not special.
and do you know what I hate the most?
I hate that I hate, which hurts the most.

I have known a large number of white males in my time who would give anything to be black, simply for the reasons that I've outlined above. white guys may have an easier time of climbing corporate ladders, but there are many aspects of life where we don't. sure, if you're an average mainstream joe who sticks to the straight and narrow, hangs out with friends of their socio-economic class, and basically follows the path of least resistance, you have an easy time of life. but for those of us who stick our necks out and try to see what's really going on, it hurts.

(thank you for writing, it helped me state my position clearly. it was a reactionary post originally, which is rare for me, but it struck a chord today for whatever reason, and it was out before I knew it.)

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