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so it was brought to my attention the other day (by someone in the same situation) that I hadn't been posting to LJ.
not true!
I've posted a few times, just in other journals, such as linux, or freebsd_users with pesky questions.
and commenting, but you may have noticed that.

Been sick, flu-like.
Been trying to set up a web server just for the heck of it, so that I'll have some clue what I'm doing when I build my new tiny computer server. freebsd + apache2 + php4.3 + squirrelmail + something for serving IMAP (which has been the bane of my existence for at least 2 days now). imap. phooey.

so yeah, got transitioned to the new company at work, same job, roughly same pay (but with benefits, NICE!), switched cubes (wanky new one on an aisle, whee!) to better accomodate the pelting questions from the noobs (all 9 of them! sheit!).

The desk took 1100 calls on monday. that's double our average, and with half the usual people. neeedless to say, it SUCKED. and it's been almost as bad since then.
This is the first day in awhile I've had time to check my e-mail and post.

anyway, like the girl, I hope to be breaking the silence again.
no good excuse however. just busy and lazy at once. go me.

oh, and it's fucking hot in here today! bleh!

that should say "swanky new [cube]", but I kinda like it saying wanky instead, so I'll leave it.

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