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I'm baaaaaaaaack...

Whew. long weekend.

Friday, no work. left ~9:30 for arlington. drove for 3.5 hours, got to the hotel. had a 1 bedroom apartment for a hotel room, about the size of our two bedroom apartment that we live in. big hotel room.
Went to the girl's aunt's internment, was quick and seemed to be more or less painless. most grief had been dealt with, was just saying goodbye to sister/aunt.
Went out to an Irish Pub after that. food was pretty sad, beer was pretty good. Irish. *ducks*

Saturday wandered around DC, saw the FDR memorial, a nifty art museum (name fails me), a really nifty sculpture garden, an Iranian protest march, and had yummy yummy sandwiches at pigbelly's (ironbelly? cant remember). That evening, a surprise b-day party for the girl's mother with edible but nothing special food, but tasty wine.
After dinner, we drove back up to philly, 2.5 hours. whee. got home at 12:30 and crashed.

Sunday got up, went to my gparents house for Easter, had yummy breakfast of waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. Hung out with my cousin's new baby (so freakin cute!), hid easter eggs and made the smalls find em, hung out. decent food for dinner, nothing special. cheesecake for desert. YUCK. Went back to apartment, girl and I sat around reading, trying to decompress silently from a hectic weekend. was nice, we rarely just sit in the apartment quietly doing our own things not on the computers.
Crashed, slept like a rock.

Had trouble getting up today, finally managed to get a shower and out the door. had server outages this morning, it's been shitty busy.

In other news, this poem is freakin hillarious.
The site is marshmallowpeeps.org. gotta love fan poetry.

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