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Ok, I like this game.
here's a list of all my LJ friends, where i met them from, and a little quip when I have one.

I play with the random link a lot, some of these people I don't know where they came from probably came from that.

Ok, starting alphabetically.

9mm is a crackbaby, I don't rightly know where I found him. the most prolific person on my friends page (most of the time), and also one of the most fun. known far and wide for his rump shaking abilities, which threaten daily to shake down all of the tall buildings of Atlanta.

allanc is the latest addition to my friends page, found through darius_lee. I look forward to reading more of him. all I really know at this point is that he's a Unix geek. ;o)

asterisk8 is another of those people who i'm not sure where I found. he used to post shnifty music stuffs, but he seems to have stopped of late, but the art has increased. and damn do the ladies love him. ^_^

atropa is part of the longest chain in my list. was the boyfriend of eyeawry who prosicated had listed and I subsequently listed. then I found him, and like him a lot. recently engaged, and has since become quite silent in the LJ world. I miss him... :o/

axessdenyd is tommy, but he can't remember my name. found through eyeawry as well, he's a big dork, much like me.

baaabby is the second most recent addition to my list, found through the philadelphia journal. (that's a community, it may not link right.) Into fish and art, seems like a nifty guy who I'm enjoying having around so far.

brynmonster went to the same school as prosicated, but i never met her until recently. finally met her and I'm slowly getting to know her.

bunnyroo was found through prosicated as well. met her in real life recently, she's a fun person who should come to philly more often. =P

claireh I also stole from prosicated, just got back from merry 'ole england. she's a crackmonkey, she rocks. at least as prolific as 9mm when she's actually in the country, and always good for expressive usericons.

cobaltnine, the short evil one. satanist who I met through the girl in college. she's smiley, cute and likes small animals and drawing hearts. *ducks*

corvus. also stolen from prosicated's friends page. (seeing a trend here? *sheepish look*) He's a philly person who i've only met once, but have meant to meet up with numerous times. one day we'll be in the same place at the same time while it's light out. really.

darius_lee is a friend from college. We dated for a brief period in college. She's a really cool person who I'm glad to know, randomly ran across her LJ recently and have resumed communications which had disappeared when she graduated a year before me.

derfy5 was a fellow anthro major in college. we spent much time snickering at professors together and other such collegiate things. she's a library major in grad school. hehe!

djluminal is the boy of prosicated's sophmore year roommate. We spent a decent amount of time together through the years, and he's a nifty guy. He does all the electronic musical things that I always think I should try.

djtotentanz is a psycho. she's into goth music. *ducks a flying vinyl* Flys to France... err... freedom country to visit her girlfriend all the time, and is into obscure music in languages she doesn't speak.

flightyone I have no idea where I found. she's silly and interesting and rarely buys into the whole LJ angst thing.

gazmik I added long ago, pretty pictures. but no updates in forever. *sigh*

gmoneyjonesiii i stole from oceanic he posts long rants once in a while. often good food-for-thought.

servermonk, besides having one of the bestest usernames on LJ, is a fun geek prone to randomness. a relatively recent addition to the list.

jimmi_obadger is a friend of the girl and I's who lives nearby. she's silly and fun, and just trouble when in a resturant with prosicated. Oh, and she bites the heads off of live pidgeons.

igust is a part of the beast I like to call jakd. more on that later.

inahandbasket is just some jackass.

jakd would be here, but he deleted his journal. he is perhaps the most interesting person that i have never met. go to gu.st to find out a little more about him. he spreads his online identity out all over, and I think I just found another little piece of him hiding in LJ which I need to check out ASAP. Plays Go, flys kites, codes interesting things. arcane hobbies + geekiness + random philosophical meanderings + peoplewatching, me likes.

pimpinthebox again, I'm not sure where I found. He is of pretty much a completely different viewpoint politically than I am, which makes him interesting to read. and unlike most others with his viewpoint, he's well spoken. (sorry, had to get a dig in there somewhere. ;o)

marchharetay be's an old friend of prosicated's who also lives nearby. she's fun and silly when she relaxes, which is rare around me because I make her nervous apparently. :o(

margolia was another anthro major at my school, and was friends with darius_lee, prosicated, and many other peoples. trying like hell to avoid becoming her corporate-dress job. ;o)
people-watchers of the world, unite!

moira_kathleen, yet another anthro major, but she's just finishing up. we share many mutual hatreds for stupid people. grrrr....

mostlyuseless = random - usually snide - comments.

nogoodnik was on prosicated's list, she lives around the corner so I added her. talks a lot about philly, which is always fun.

oceanic is the girl's bestest friend, and I like her a lot too, even though she moved to san fran on us. not a lot to say without saying a hell of a lot. oceanic rules.

prosicated. if you don't know why she's on here yet, you must be really new. i live with her, she rocks, and never ever smells funny.

puffed is another crackmonkey, but an infrequent poster. he used to post more. he likes hoodies and I do too.

quem98, another member of the college group. didn't know her really well, but enough to know that I like her. she's in russia at the moment, and going through a bit of a rough spot.

realitysandwich is interesting and posts purty pikturs. me likes. talks good too, laik mi.

sengira is an odd one.
just... odd. and madly in love with one of her gay, male professors. makes things difficult I'm sure.

sidebarboy = STAN DA MAN! Stan rules. crazy canuck that he is. antifreeze for blood, and pirate jokes in his brain. great guy, I'm pretty sure I stole him from prosicated as well.

sykii is a friend of prosicated's from high school who I had the privilage to meet finally. they're a little scary, twins from afar as it were. synchronicity? doesn't quite explain it. need to meet her again.

zornog I stole from sidebarboy, because he is random. yeah. plus I like screaming the word ZORNOG!!!!! *giggles*

admiral_j is a part of the large group of college people. ran across him on the same day as I found darius_lee, margolia, and a few other people I have yet to add. only one phrase will work here: "crotch dust fairy."

If you read through all this and don't see yourself, sorry. looking at my user info I seem to have gained some new readers since last I looked who I'll have to evaluate and add as necessary.

that was a good waste of most of a day.

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    Moved to dreamwidth, same username over there. Link me up.

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  • Moved to dreamwidth

    Moved to dreamwidth, same username over there. Link me up.

  • (no subject)

    Just an "I'm alive and reading" post. hi all. :)

  • stories...

    1: the IRS says hi. So about a week ago our mail carrier dropped us off two little pink slips of paper, one for each of us, saying that we had…