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Yay! New pic!
The Curtlepine has taken a lovely picture of me which is now in it's proper place. As the fault.
Or was that die faulte?
I can never remember arcane spellings of words...

in other news, I have discovered the wonder that is Sluggy Freelance today. My life is now far better than it was just a short time ago.


Oh! And more lovely news!
My books arrived today! I had free money to spend at amazon, and I had a severe lack of good books on my shelf that i haven't read 6 million times. (Well, only read cryptonomicon 3,418,902 times so far, but it's the newest book on there you see...) So, I spent a good wad of birthday gift e-cash on amazon and got readie things! yay!
Let's see... Schismatrix Plus -bruce sterling, Interface -neal stephenson's pen name, Foundation and empire and Second foundation -azimov, and some other things that sounded interesting.
yay! It's so nice to have more pages to read!
If only it weren't approaching finals time...
Oh well. Professors love to hear that you're reading outside of class. I'll get some extensions for that. Right? right? hmm...
Other good things: Jelly beans, pastel M-and-Ms, perhaps a new pet tomorrow evening, and yeah! Good things are good! yay good!
Ok, off to browse more of the net while the curtlepine gets housing for next year.
*crosses fingers for her...*

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