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Man life smacks you around sometimes. Tough shit this living stuff... How do all you people do it every day?
Long day, classes from 10-3:30 straight with no time for lunch. I had no food until 7:15 PM, at which point I ate an entire pizza with green peppers. Mmm.. green peppers. I hate red peppers, and yellow ones, and purple ones, etc. Only green ones are good, and yes I can tell the difference damnit! my mother and sister used to make me do blind taste-tests to see if I really could tell the difference. i can. so there. But yeah, ate a whole pizza in about 10 minutes. I tend to eat fast. heh.
Just watched the dark crystal with the girl, her favorite movie. She always falls asleep right at the big climax in the end. Odd that... *scratches head*
despite a scare this morning, the hedgehog is safe and sound in it's plastic tub.
I have a pet rat by the way, have never mentioned her. Her name is Mochi (mo-key). It's japanese for full moon, or so I've been led to believe, I don't actually speak japanese. heh. She's white with a dark brown hood. She's really cute, but a little nibbly. Bites your hand thinking it's food a lot, so she doesn't come out as much as she used to. If I can ever get a good picture of her I'll put it up here.
Getting thirsty. Hmm.. water first. then more putering cause I'm not that tired yet. back in a bit. G'night perhaps...

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