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Ok, so maybe I got a new pet last night.
And maybe I found my digital camera.
And maybe he's REALLY cute.

Buy my gawd, isn't he cute?
Still waiting to be inspired for a name. Feel free to suggest.
It's a short-tailed opposum. He's SO soft it's unbelievable. And he opens his mouth really wide when he's trying to scare you. hehe!
And he's got a prehensile tail that he hangs onto things with. :o)
He's currently asleep in a fold in my shirt on my lap.
Anyway. Enough gooshing for now. Just wanted to share his cuteness.
I'm sitting around my room for 4 hours, waiting for a phone interview for a dummer job, and he may not even call. (He seems a bit scatterbrained...)
I hate being nervous! I know that there's no point, I know that I'll either get it or not on my resume, and that he wants to interview me pretty much means that I got it as long as I'm not a freak or anything, but ARGHHHHHHH!
I hate being nervous.
Oh well.
Enjoy cute pictures. :o)
wtf, they don't have nervous in the mood list. Crackheads.
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