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so much to say, so little urge to type lately.

My neck won't turn far to the right today, it hurtses badly.

Crashing at the parent's tonight, hope they're ok with that. guess I should call them or something.

Got a giant new fishy tank from baaabby, have to figure out where/when I can put it. It's a little larger than I'd planned on. (Good Thing(tm))

Friend at work got a haircut today, he looks a little like gomer pyle now. heh.

one of the new guys at work just came over and said "Dude, you took 65 calls the other day?"
Uh, yeah. yeah I did. "wow, i'm happy if I get to 35 in a day"
(more on that some other time)

I've been slacking off lately, I should pound some calls today.
and pound some tea too.
tea is good.

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