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from some guy on slashdot:

Recipe for a Flaming Moe/Homer...
I was bartending at the time this episode aired and we decided to try making one. It actually tasted pretty good and even had the purple coloring and flaming top...

To make a Flaming Moe/Homer:

2 shots Tequila
2 shots Rum
2 shots Gin
2 shots Vodka
3 shots Jagermeister (since we didn't have any Krusty cough syrup)
1 shot Blue Curacao
splash of Triple-Sec
Shake with Ice, then strain into serving glasses (makes about 4-6 doubles)
Top off each drink with 151 (or grain alcohol)
Add fire

Let's just say we were all talking like Barney (not the dinosaur) by the time we were done.

I wanna try it! hehe!
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