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so I'm really fucking tired of work, it's 9:45 am, and I'm going to write a big ole update.

life has been pretty good lately, but disturbingly busy.
after a few months of feeling like I had no friends and nothing to do and was just galoomphing into adulthood, all of a sudden I've only spent maybe 5% of the nights in the past few weeks in the apartment. It's great. made food with corvus, hung out at local bluegrass ethiopian bar (hehe), had frisbee games, etc. It's like somehow a life found me.
now of course I have no time for all the projects I had been wanting to do. heh. c'est la vie.

Frisbee is in full swing for the summer. My team has yet to win a game, which is frustrating because we have a lot of good players. we just can't get it together. but none of you care about that, so I'll not bore you.

work is driving me insane. the callers lately seem to have been beaten badly in the head recently, and suffered severe mental trauma. Oh how I'd like to add to that.

Been shopping hardcore, but not buying anything. I really want a nice LCD monitor but don't want to pay more than $350 for a 17". Hard to get a nice one for that price, but I'm trying. also planning on getting a PS2 soon, although the girl has politely requested that it be after she finishes taking her GREs so as not to provide easy procrastination. I can wait.

My final parts for the new teensy computer have finally arrived at my parent's house, just have to pick them up. Lacking a case for it yet, trying to decide if I'm building one or buying one. But there's no rush on that for the time being. it'll run just fine in a pile on the desk.

The Wiki's coming along nicely, go play more! yes! do!

been browsing ebaymotors.com for a new car. I have a little saved up, could buy a cheap one flat out. but I'm realizing that the car I'm driving is probably as good as anything I could get cheaply. There's a celica for sale, fairly cheap. I like celicas. it's convertible too. ooo... swanky...

personal life is going fine, don't have as much free time as I once did, seeing a little less of the girl, but we're both doing stuff which is also very important for us, so i think it's working out nicely.

and yeah. that's that for now. go play on the Wiki, let me know what you think of the color scheme. Easy to read? hard to read? ghetto? speak your mind.

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