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1. Do you believe that every snowflake is unique? If so, design your snowflake. Are you pointy? Are you symmetrical? Delicate and wispy? Complex and mathematical? Are you the kind of snow that melts right away or sticks to the ground?
Yes, every snowflake is unique.
The ones I like have obtuse angles, mostly large branchings, but some fiddly fractally stuff inbetween the large branches. and it totally sticks around.

2. If you were famous and someone wanted to build a monument to you when you died, what would your preferred monument be? Choose from statue, building, park, sculpture, or something of your own creation.
A park.
a park that is a very large (tall and wide) grassy hill in the middle of a city, at least 16 square blocks, with one BIGASS gnarly old oak tree right at the summit.

3. If you could ban one book from high school reading lists across the country, would you? What would it be?
Most fucking useless book ever.
Everything else I'm cool with, but Ivanhoe is irritating, pain to read, and has no redeeming qualities in my mind. Beowulf is far cooler.

4. What's the first thing you would do if aliens landed outside of your house? Like, legitimately, the real thing-- some version of a spaceship and real, honest-to-god extraterrestrials. Let's assume they aren't slime molds, but bipeds/quadrapeds of some kind.
be really impressed then try to determine a method of communication.
eventually I might remember to call someone about it.

5. Of the following, which would you rather do, and why?
a)Sail around the world (in a real sailboat, not on a cruise)
b)Climb Mount Everest (or Kilmanjaro, or McKinley, etc.)
c)Walk across the continental United States
d)Be launched in a satellite that would orbit Earth for two years (with food, water, etc. but no human contact)

If I could find shoes that wouldn't give me blisters, walk across the states.
Sailing around the world would be cool, but it's not really my thing.
If I were single at the moment, I might choose the satellite, but not with my life as comfy as it is right now.
So if the shoes didn't work out, Mt. Everest, because I like the cold. Can't deal with heat. And I do love physical challenges. My sister's fiancee is going to go climb to the everest base camp this fall. not to the summit, but the base camp. cool nonetheless.
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