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Mixed bag.

Got my banjo on saturday, I'm really enjoying playing it. Fingerpicking is a whole new world, it's not like bass picking, yet not entirely unlike it either. I can finger frets in my sleep, but this right hand thing is driving me nuts.
And the open tuning isn't making things any easier.

Mom just called my cell phone at work, my grandfather is in the hospital with pneumonia which is probably related to minor heart failure. We've been woried about him for awhile, he's getting old and sick. Looks like he might not last much longer. fuck fuckity fuck fuck. He was such a powerful presence/person until my grandmother died. He was researching zero-point energy, designing an electric motor which recharges the car batteries as it brakes and goes downhill, and being a really cool retired engineer. Now he just sits around doing nothing except watching TV and wasting away, a grouchy old man. It's very sad. It seems like he's just waiting to die. *sigh*

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