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I have been extremely non-gushy lately.
I have not updated much at all.
I, in fact, have been lazy.
Well, so I've been busy. Not lazy. But in the end, isn't it all the same?
I, like commas. I like em, lots.
They be... useful thingies, no?
So be elipses. (these things: ... ) Forget exactly how to spell them things...
See? See how useful they is? told ya, didn't I!?!

Um, yeah.
Still seeking a dummer job, interview with Unisys a week ago and haven't heard back. I'm going to pester them tomorrow.
Got another request for my resume from a local ISP, so hopefully one of the 3 companies I'm currently courting (being courted by?) will want me.

oO(want me? courted? ever notice how job hunting is like sex?)

God I hope i get someone to pay me.
*heavy sigh*

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    Moved to dreamwidth, same username over there. Link me up.

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    Just an "I'm alive and reading" post. hi all. :)

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