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Yes! Finally! A summer job has appeared at my feet! And they're paying me well! YAY!!!!!!
Whoring myself to a multinational corporation for the summer, but I need the money to get out of debt. *sigh*
Hey, I'll have enough money to upgrade this ole puter! *scheemes...* *drools at the sick new AMD processors*
We'll see. *crosses fingers*

So anyway, I've been away from LJ for some time. Had a really busy past couple of days, and as a result I had to spent an hour and a half this morning reading all my friendseses updates.
Amazing how quickly LJ becomes a standard part of your life. If I don't check daily these days something's up.
Yeah. So what have I been doing?
A lot of sleeping, a lot of frisbee playing, a lot of reading, and a lot of introspection and reminiscing(sp?).

I'd ordered a lot of books off of Amazon with my B-day gift certificate from the loving sister. (Yay sister!) Firstly, read Schismatrix Plus, Bruce Sterling I believe. Lovely book, I'd read some of it before, but not all of it and not all at once. Nextly it was Do androids dream of electric sheep? by Philip K. Dick. SO DRASTICALLY different from the movie (blade runner for you non-sci-fi buffs out there...). I was amazed. I'd never gotten my hands on a copy until now and wow. It's so much better and so much less dark and spooky, but so much more symbolic and spiritual and stuffs. yeah. wow. good stuffs. Next comes Azimov's Foundation and Empire, the sequal to Foundation. Can't wait. But it must wait till I get lots of work done.
Speaking of which... off to make a web page on suburban sprawl, a topic close to my heart. *sigh*

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