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So my car is at the garage getting a long overdue inspection.
this is my car: clicky thing.
Notice on there that the current market price is $1500 in "good" condition. Mine isn't quite cosmetically good, but the engine is excellent. close enough.

Just got a phone call from the garage. They want to do $1480 in repairs to said car.

know what I said?
"Um... yeah... let me think abou NO!"
so just a quick brake job (which I either pay them to do, or do myself and have to take it back to get inspected again, *gets out wallet*) and the car will pass inspection. whee.

so it's time to seriously start looking into getting a new car.
I can't say that the prospect doesn't excite me.
I've had hand-me-down cars all my life, getting to actually pick one? wow, cool idea.

alright, off to take calls and browse ebaymotors.com, carsdirect.com, etc.

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