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Oh, forgot I was gonna throw this in too.
There's been much discussion of imaginary friends lately on LJ. Here's mine:

My imaginary friend was the person[?] in my life who got me interested in technology.
See, he had this car.
It was Yellow.
It only fit one person in it, and a small person at that.
The person's name was Gaga. He was invisible, but back to the car (which he made himself by the way).
So this car could turn into a plane, or a boat, or a submarine, any time it liked. It was really really cool. Gaga would ride along side the car when mom drove me somewhere and make sure that we didn't have an accident or anything. He controlled the traffic lights and he told me when he was about to turn them green, so I could wave at them and they'd magically change to green right then.
To he never spoke at all, and I resolved to be strong and smart and quiet like him. I like to think I succeded.

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