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ok, that's funny.
that sitcom thingy?
inahandbasket In The City (NBC, 12:30): inahandbasket (Jerry Orbach) tells a joke that offends the dilbert_feed (Jack Lemmon). Upstairs, djtotentanz (Ben Kingsley) gets sidebarboy (Morgan Fairchild) drunk. That same day, djluminal (Margaret Cho) can't open darius_lee (Jenna Elfman)'s jar of pickles. Then, grumpybat (Kieran Culkin) and gybbrsch (Kim Basinger) sneak a spoon into a car dealership. (Series finale.)

I love the last line... Gybbrsch, Kim Basinger would be my first pick to play you in any movie.

*falls over laughing*

in other news: 15 people on hold waiting for me to talk to them. This week fucking sucks.

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