February 11th, 2001

Evil Twin

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What a great word.
It's been a full few days.
i take that back. It's been a fairly lazy few days.
Stayed at home friday night, played around on my puter all night. Then the girl got back from philly around 1:00 am and I went to see her. stayed up till 2 (which is marvelously late for her) before passing out. Saturday I met my friend's rat. The friend has bronchitis, alergies, Sinus infection, ear infection, the flu. And you thought you were having a bad day. heh. Her rat is very calm and sweet, makes me sad that mine is so hyper and un-people-friendly. *wistful sigh* Just have to make sure that the ferret that I get someday in the not-too-far-off-future is very friendly. :o)
The girl is extremely hyper, so I believe that I will wrap up this entry for now. heh.
More later.
after she takes her toe out of my ear.
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