February 19th, 2001

Evil Twin

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Good music always makes me feel constructive. Thank god for napster.
Now don't get me wrong, I would buy the music if I had any money. But the fact remains that I'm flat broke. (actually kinda deeply in debt...) Thusly, napster is my main music source these days.
blah blah blah. I want to go do something.
Maybe I'll write some code.
Maybe I'll work on my webpage! Herm. Yes. actually, do me a favor. Go that taht page, then go here and tell me which you like more.
Think ya can handle that?
Please do it, I'm really curious. Personally I like the second one better, but I have to change the text colors for it. The yellow is from the first page and it just doesnt' work with the second layout.
time to do something.
What, I don't know.
damn lack of welding equipment...
damn lack of cash. If I had cash I'd go down to radioshack and buy lots of shit and make something cool. But I can't. No cash.
Ok, off to do something before I explode with this unused potential energy.

The "current music" isn't current anymore. That was 3 songs ago. Lords of acid, - out comes the evil just ended. Now it's an underworld remix of Front 242 - happiness.
So nice having good music.
ok, ok.
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    VNV nation - Joy
Evil Twin

(no subject)

Ok, fixed the colors on the new site.
Check it out, let me know which you like better.
boring day at work, usually is on mondays. Sitting here watching a computer format and my coworker play snood.
Frisbee practice starts up again today. woohoo. Can't decide whether to be excited or not. we're probably going to be running an assload and i hate running for no reason. *sigh* I love running while playing something. soccer, frisbee, etc... running for the sake of running just annoys me and makes me tired real fast.
Ah well.
Back to the wonders of snood noise...
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    vnv nation - darkangel (das ich remix), and snood noises