February 21st, 2001

Evil Twin

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I'm at work, so exciting.
For those of you who don't know, I work at my college's computer helpdesk. It's vera exsahtin. *snorts*
At least there's nothing to do today. Always a bonus. Although I have to find a way to kill 2 hours without any decent music.
Speaking of decent music, I just got the underworld "born slippy" single in the mail. It's 6 different mixes of born slippy and one mix of ban style. Gotta love that free $10 of flooz... ;o)
One of the bonuses of being a nerd is that you can get in on these things while they're just getting started (because you know about them through your nerdling antennaes) and get some nice freebies.
Blah. I should actually pretend that I'm working...
Ok, now I really am working. woohoo!
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    some remix of born slippy