April 18th, 2001

Evil Twin

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Ever feel like a thwarted superhero?

We superheros can deflect meteors, destroy supervillans, and do all sorts of other amazing things. But once every couple of episodes there's a moment where the heroine has to handle some monstrous thing herself.
She says "please, let me handle this."
And the superhero, for all his might and ability, has to just stand back while the heroine deals with something beyond his control.
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Evil Twin

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Ok, so maybe I got a new pet last night.
And maybe I found my digital camera.
And maybe he's REALLY cute.

Buy my gawd, isn't he cute?
Still waiting to be inspired for a name. Feel free to suggest.
It's a short-tailed opposum. He's SO soft it's unbelievable. And he opens his mouth really wide when he's trying to scare you. hehe!
And he's got a prehensile tail that he hangs onto things with. :o)
He's currently asleep in a fold in my shirt on my lap.
Anyway. Enough gooshing for now. Just wanted to share his cuteness.
I'm sitting around my room for 4 hours, waiting for a phone interview for a dummer job, and he may not even call. (He seems a bit scatterbrained...)
I hate being nervous! I know that there's no point, I know that I'll either get it or not on my resume, and that he wants to interview me pretty much means that I got it as long as I'm not a freak or anything, but ARGHHHHHHH!
I hate being nervous.
Oh well.
Enjoy cute pictures. :o)
wtf, they don't have nervous in the mood list. Crackheads.
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