April 21st, 2001

Evil Twin

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so now the girl has glimpsed the wonderful world of kung-fu movies. We watched drunken master last night, ourselves in a state of slight drunkenness. 'Twas enjoyable.
My saturday is, so far, lazy with a capital letter in there somewhere. I opened my blinds to the lovely clouded over sunlight from outside and sat on my bed reading.
Only problem herein is the fact that I have muchos work to be doing instead of reading classic science fiction works. Why can't my school offer a course on science fiction literature? It's ignored as a genre by the intelectuals of modern society.
"If it's written by a dyke we'll have a whole major based around it. What's sci-fi mean?"
It's got it all. Complex social interactions, human sociological response to immense influxes of new concepts into a formerly ridged social structure, blah blah blah.
Ok, so maybe the anthropologist in me is speaking. But I find the interactions in sci-fi novels to be highly intriguing and actually nicely based in reality.
Alien civilization runs across earth and hands down some new technologies. What happens to human commercial and social structures? Analagous to missionaries introducing the steel axe to indegenous populations of Australia. (It disrupted a huge ammount of their social structure and inter-tribal communication simply because they didn't have to replace their axes quite so often.) And this has no academic value? There is nothing to be taken away from this?
off to make ramen.
I like ramen.
Makes me less hungry.
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