April 30th, 2001

Evil Twin


Yes! Finally! A summer job has appeared at my feet! And they're paying me well! YAY!!!!!!
Whoring myself to a multinational corporation for the summer, but I need the money to get out of debt. *sigh*
Hey, I'll have enough money to upgrade this ole puter! *scheemes...* *drools at the sick new AMD processors*
We'll see. *crosses fingers*

So anyway, I've been away from LJ for some time. Had a really busy past couple of days, and as a result I had to spent an hour and a half this morning reading all my friendseses updates.
Amazing how quickly LJ becomes a standard part of your life. If I don't check daily these days something's up.
Yeah. So what have I been doing?
A lot of sleeping, a lot of frisbee playing, a lot of reading, and a lot of introspection and reminiscing(sp?).

I'd ordered a lot of books off of Amazon with my B-day gift certificate from the loving sister. (Yay sister!) Firstly, read Schismatrix Plus, Bruce Sterling I believe. Lovely book, I'd read some of it before, but not all of it and not all at once. Nextly it was Do androids dream of electric sheep? by Philip K. Dick. SO DRASTICALLY different from the movie (blade runner for you non-sci-fi buffs out there...). I was amazed. I'd never gotten my hands on a copy until now and wow. It's so much better and so much less dark and spooky, but so much more symbolic and spiritual and stuffs. yeah. wow. good stuffs. Next comes Azimov's Foundation and Empire, the sequal to Foundation. Can't wait. But it must wait till I get lots of work done.
Speaking of which... off to make a web page on suburban sprawl, a topic close to my heart. *sigh*
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Oh, forgot I was gonna throw this in too.
There's been much discussion of imaginary friends lately on LJ. Here's mine:

My imaginary friend was the person[?] in my life who got me interested in technology.
See, he had this car.
It was Yellow.
It only fit one person in it, and a small person at that.
The person's name was Gaga. He was invisible, but back to the car (which he made himself by the way).
So this car could turn into a plane, or a boat, or a submarine, any time it liked. It was really really cool. Gaga would ride along side the car when mom drove me somewhere and make sure that we didn't have an accident or anything. He controlled the traffic lights and he told me when he was about to turn them green, so I could wave at them and they'd magically change to green right then.
To he never spoke at all, and I resolved to be strong and smart and quiet like him. I like to think I succeded.
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Some world we live in.
Here's the inside scoop on this.

April 20, 2001
We are holding an emergency press conference to warn the entire community, specifically the Black students of Penn State University Park and the 19
commonwealth campuses of the imminent threats on their lives. This afternoon, a Daily Collegian reporter received two hate letters through the
United States postal service system in an envelope with the reporter's work address written by hand. The first hate letter was directed to the
reporter asking him/her to send the second letter, which was a death threat, to a Black student leader. A quote from the reporter's letter is below.

" (first name) nigger lover (last name), since you love niggers so much, and that's all you have a notion to write about (white trash that you are) maybe you can do (name of other letter recipient) a favor by delivering the enclosed letter..."
The second letter was a direct death threat to a Black student leader. Part of the letter reads as follow:
"i have tried with little success to be patient with you stupid little black bitch, don't you realize i could have killed you ten times by now - your monkey boy bodyguards notwithstanding. this is a white academy in a white town in a white country and by god its going to stay that way nigger bitch. i generally see you two or three times a week, so i can take care of you anytime i want to, but with cameras everywhere on campus, why chance it.
i will pick my spot. Running your mouth can get you in trouble or get you killed here. but you niggers don't know your place and your role, ingrates.
i am not alone in this academy, we are determined to rid this place of this black blight on our community. those like you have been run off or killed. you, also, will just disappear and never be found. we mean business and to show how serious we are, have the authorities search & the young black buck must have been a no account even to niggers, because no one even missed him.
he put ! ! up one hellified fight- but there is no good from it if no one knows. we want you niggers off this campus and out of this town now.
we seen you niggers multiply over the years and we don't wish to teach you, work with you or live next door to you - you gutter low lifes don't fit here, never did, you think those big niggers from harrisburgh are going to help - parrish the thought. you had your chance nigger bitch now you're dead!"
Below the typed letter were four photocopied, handwritten words including,
"grad day = bombs-PSU."
Upon immediately receiving the letters, the reporter got in contact with, among others, Penn State university police, the Harrisburg Patriot
newspaper and finally delivered the death threatening letter to the Black student leader. Another press release regarding the hate and death
threatening letters were sent by public relations professionals representing the Penn State administration. In that official press release several quotes from President Spanier were used, despite his absence from the university. We publicly renounce President Spanier's decision to leave University Park soon after being notified of this death threat and admitted murder of a
Black male student, whose body could be found in Centre County. The students want to make it known that Spanier's presence and not his comments are
needed at this urgent moment. This latest hate letter is yet another attack on the livelihood of Penn State students and we urge you to further

Good fucking lord.
I'm moving to Mars.
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