May 12th, 2001

Evil Twin

Yet another survey, don't worry, it's short. (and I wanna do it!)

I see: My g/f's puter, the rest of her room, and the trees outside her open window
I need: a shower, to get tests done.
I find: that I wobble a little bit, slight rocking motion, whenever I'm sitting somewhere.
I want: a split tounge sometimes...
I have: too much random stuff.
I wish: that I were a better and more accepting person.
I love: open land and wind
I hate: waking up in the middle of the night.
I miss: my sister. (she's living on Maui. *exudes jealousy*)
I fear: incompetance
I feel: awake, yet strangely vague....
I hear: a small but powerful fan about 2 feet from my head. And keys getting typed upon.
I smell: my bad morning breath
I crave: a feshly picked cucumber.
I search: ummm... carmen sandiego?
I wonder: what it would be like to have a prehensile tail
I regret: Nothing. It all made sense at the time...

When was the last time you:

Smiled? About ten minutes ago
Laughed? about the same
Cried? It's been awhile, I'm not really sure. Last time I remember was in december.
Bought something? Other than food? I can't remember. Been broke too long. The next thing I'm buying is a new soft case for my bass. Mine's falling apart.
Kissed someone? about 10 minutes ago. :o)
Talked to an ex? almost exactly a year. It was at the graduation at my old high school, her brother and my best friend were in the same class. Saw her there, was awkward.
Watched my favorite movie? Don't really have a favorite movie. *sigh*
Had a nightmare: god, years and years. I don't get them anymore.

Last book you read: Second foundation (isacc asimov)
Last movie you saw: ummm... Don't watch em much. *thinks* Oh yeah! They showed star wars out on the green at my college! I won a raffle and got a DVD of the Mummy. *bleah* and I could've won amodeaus instead. *sigh*
Last song you heard: something bad on the radio as I drove to my g/f's
Last thing you had to drink: Orange Juice!
Last time you showered: yesterday morning.
Last thing you ate: umm... icecream last night after dinner~!~

Do you...

Sleep with stuffed animals? not since last summer, then I slept with my lil bear clover for a few nights.
Live in the moment? Not enough. Always looking to the future am I, not where I am! What I am doing!
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Yes *swoons*
Have a dream that keeps coming back? Nope. Haven't since I was little.
Play an instrument? yes. The Bass (electric and upright), the violin, the viola, and a little cello.
Have any gay or lesbian friends? Umm... maybe a few dozen... :o)
Have a favorite candy? herm.. Caramel, minty things, good chocolate.
Believe in astrology? Not in any real way. Kind of for fun. :o)
Believe in God? Nope.
Pray? Not in any normal sense of the word.
Have any pets? Indeed! I have a rat (mochi) and a chort tailed opposum (clyde). At home we have 3 cats and a buncha fishes.
Wear hats? When playing frisbee...
Have any piercings? Not at the moment. Took one out a few months ago.
Have any tattoos? not yet. :o)
Hate yourself? nope.
Collect anything? yes. everything. but not like stamps or rocks or postcards. Just... stuff. Phone cords, old circuit boards, broken stereo equipment, large hunks of wood... yeah.
Wish on stars? Haven't since my grandmother died. *sigh*
Like your handwriting? bah. Chicken scratching.
Have any bad habits? Perhaps a few. forgive me if I don't share
Care about looks? a bit
Boy/girlfriend's looks? yeah! I love her looks! :o)
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Evil Twin


I enjoy flying kites. It's fun.
My dad's bailing on the kite festival that we always go to this year, and I'd like someone to come with me. Perhaps the girl will, but she burns easily and it's 2-3 full days on the beach. Not so conducive to not burning in the sun.
Pics from 1999 wildwood festival.
pics from 2000 wildwood festival.
None of the pics were taken by me. That'll be reserved for this year, assuming I can get someone to come along.
(The pic is in honor of the death of Douglas Adams *woe*)
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