June 29th, 2001

Evil Twin

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Direct Quote from fellow intern. The CS major...
"There were no games on the CD, just a bunch of executables."

I literally hit myself in the head when he said that.
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Evil Twin

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Shit work to do at worktoday. Better than nothing, and better than copying files from one server to another like I was doing last week. (woo.... that was exciting.)
Diablo x pack is just waiting for me at home.
Looking forward to getting to check it out. :o)
Going to have a picnic for dinner this evening with yummy food for the girl and I. That'll be nice. aaaaand... yeah. should be a good weekend, but it's still an hour and 40 minutes away.
*struggles trying to turn the clock forward*
Evil Twin

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last few minutes aer DRAGGING here today.
Going to pick up the girl shortly, then going a-picnicing. :o)
mmmm.... yummy food...

My mother (whom I just talked to) wants me to go to the family gathering on the 4th of July.
Nay, wants not.
Commands rather. *sigh*
Oh well. Guess I'll be there.
And at home tuesday night, as per orders as well because my cousin is crashing with us that night.
Finished the book: Consider Phlebas - Iain M. Banks.
It was pretty good. It's a hard sci-fi intra-galactic war book. woo, that's a rare type. *smirk*
well done though, good characters although you could tell that the author knew a lot more about the chars than was written on paper. Worth the read if you don't mind blood and guts.
15 minutes left to kill.
*whips out his trusty spit-ball shooter*
Ah yes, this will do nicely.
*wicked grin*