October 24th, 2001

Evil Twin

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I be mad mega happy!
I be bouncin off walls and stuffs yo!

heh. I just can't take myself seriously when I talk like that, wonder how all those lil folks do that every day in their journals.

Seriously though, I am excited. Life has been going relatively well.
and I'm hyper.
admitedly I haven't been getting all that much school work done, but it's all optional anyway, right?
My sister came home last week from hawaii where she lives.
(yeah, maui. don't we all feel bad for her. come on, group sigh of comiseration for the poor girl trapped on maui. *sigh*)
Nice to see her, doesn't happen all that often.
I spent a week doing basically nothing, which was much needed and felt really good.
Today I get to play two of my favorite sports/games that I play far too rarely.
Soccer and Volleyball.
In between these two lovely games I have a meeting over pizza with my boss lady and 10 other fellow computer nerds. always a good time.
Then I get a shower and go see the girl.
Should be a good day.
and that's good cause I have a midterm at 8:30 tomorrow morning, so tomorrow's gonna suck royally. heh.

And I have a new obsession in life.
It's called Invader Zim.
search for it on your favorite file sharing service. (kazaa.com, morpheous, etc.)
It's a cartoon show done by Jhonen Vasquez (sp), the artist who writes the comic books: Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, and Squee among others.
It's so happy.
I love the little tacos... I love them good....
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