April 20th, 2002

Evil Twin

(no subject)

Me be all stinky and shit.
Me played 3 ultimate frisbee games today.
Me needs shower.
prosicated's lil bro is here for the night, so I'm headed over there shortly.
me gotta get unstinky first.
*runs away*
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    The Prodigy - I am the god of hellfire!!!!!
Evil Twin

(no subject)

sick again.
Well, not really, but kind of. Not saying more lest I gross someone out with too much information.

My computer almost died again tonight. Enough to send me into a fit of cursing and screaming, which if any of you out there really know me, know is very hard to do.
Luckily I managed to finagle it into working again. thank god. would have lost some good thesis work that I was just getting around to backing up.

Oh, and I got a new suit which I'll be posting a picture of shortly, I need opinions on it. $25 at a thrift store, and the pants are a little large, so I need to know if I look ok in it.
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